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PSLV-C16 Lanuch | pslv-c16 set ready to leave | pslv-c16 rocket launches | satellite of pslv-c16 launches

Subject :
S. Ramakrishnan, who is the Director of Liquid Propulsion Systems Centre (LPSC) of ISRO

The launch vehicle will place in polar sun synchronous orbit the 1206-kg Resourcesat-2, 92-kg Youthsat and 106-kg X-sat satellites 822 km above Earth.

The satellite with two-year life will carry two Indian and one Russian payload.

Three satellites will be put, and they are:

  • Youthsat - Indo-Russian satellite
  • India's own Resourcesat-2
  • X-Sat – which is a micro-satellite from Singapore’s Nangyang Technological University.

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