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What is Google Knol | Why Knol was migrated to WordPress

Subject : About Google Knol , Migration , Download files to WordPress .

The Google Jaint has another nice feature in it's world which acts like wikipedia that given complete information to the billion's of internet users , Now the Google knol was redireted to

Now the Google Knol will be discontinued and updated as WordPress one of the leading website which provides more information any topic , but Google knol was set to create an Annotum, an open-source platform based upon WordPress which prefers the read or publish the article with in the world . Now only work by the Goolgle knol users was to redirect from Google knol to word press . After May 1, 2012 the account will no longer will be had to view,create a new account, or to edit those one only it was set to change/redirect/migrate to WordPress.com and you may have to download them to file .

According to Google, Knol is a unit of knowledge, where the user's will be able to write ,read,publish the article about any specific topic of their like in the world of knowledge , "Health Tips" ,"Energy saving", "what are the rules of baseball " were the topics which are meant to any topic on the planet .

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