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Durgarajupatnam Port in Nellore District Andhra Pradesh

Subject : Coming Up a New Major Public Sector Port in Nellore, Andhra Pradesh.

The New Port is to be as the second major public sector port in Andhra Pradesh State was to be on Durgarajupatnam in Nellore which was over Ramayapatnam in Prakasam district. Though the official announcement about the Union Cabinet approval for the second major port was made on Thursday, it did not name the location. Some of the Reliable sources here, however, confirmed that it is Durgarajupatnam port in district where SHAR locates. After Visakhapatnam Port it will be the next public sector port. Firstly there are three places for placing a major port were

1) Ramayapatnam in Prakasam District,
2) Nakkapalli in Visakhapatnam District,
3) Durgarajupatnam in Nellore District.

But there were objections for the Ramayapatnam port which are either on security or environmental aspects . and For the Nakkapalli , which was in the Visakhapatnam district, is headquarters for the Eastern Naval Command. While Eastern Naval Command authorities expressed reservations over a major port coming up at Nakkapalli in Visakhapatnam citing security concerns, and for the Durgarajupatnam port was mainly opposed by SHAR space centre at Sriharikota for security reasons and environmentalists that it could affect the Pulicat lake which lies in the Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu border. However MPs and MLAs from Nellore as well as Chitoor including Minister Anam Ramanarayana Reddy succeeded in allaying the apprehensions of SHAR authorities who gave conditional clearance that all activities should be stopped at the proposed port 48 hours before the launch operations from the space centre.

This Durgarajupatnam was Commercially viable Sources to a natural port was close to Ennore, Chennai, the two public sector ports which were operating to their full capacity, and the private port Krishnapatnam port which was the private largest port is also in Nellore District. By this a several industries coming up in the Tada, Sri City, Naidupeta SEZs, the recently announced National investment and manufacturing zone for Chittoor, The port is to be developed at a cost of about Rs.8,000 crores which will be development in Nellore and Rayalaseema belt. Once the gazette notification was issued, State government would take care of land acquisition. Being a Central public sector project, State’s role would only be of facilitator and all required clearances would come from central departments.

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Its good to know that the port is to be developed at a cost of about Rs.8,000 crores which will be development in Nellore and Rayalaseema belt.

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