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Telangana State Symbols of Animal, Bird, Flower, Tree Icons

Subject : Symbols & Icons For Telangana State.

The Newly Formed State in India, 29th state has formed a new Icons, Symbols for the state, The CM KCR has stated the four icons and at a Glance they Represent State's Culture, State's Heritage and the people of the state Among Country. The Icons were. 
  • Telangana State Animal -  Jinka (Deer)
  • Telangana State Bird - Palapitta (Indian Roller)
  • Telangana State Flower - Yellow Tangedu Puvvu (Cassia auriculata)
  • Telangana State Tree - Jammi Chettu (Prosopis Cineraria) .
Telangana State SymbolsTelugu
Telangana State AnimalJinkaDeerTelangana State Animal Image, Telangana State Animal Icon, Telangana State Animal Wall paper, Telangana State Animal picture
Telangana State BirdPalapittaIndian Roller
Blue Jay

Telangana State Bird Image, Telangana State Bird Icon, Telangana State Bird Wall paper, Telangana State Bird picture
Telangana State FlowerTangedu PuvvuTaneer's Cassia
Cassia Auriculata

Telangana State Flower Cassia-auriculata-Senna-auriculata-tangedu, Telangana State Official Flower
Telangana State TreeJammi ChettuProsopis Cineraria.
Telangana State Tree Jammi chettu, Telangana tree Prosopis Cineraria.

Telangana people treats the Palapitta bird as lucky bird, and the innocent looking animal Jinka, the flower Tangedu Puvvu which uses in the state official festival Bathukamma, and finally the worshiped tree in the state Jammi Chettu on every Dasara. These the official Symbols / Icons for the Telangana State.

For More Telangana State Official Government Symbols, Official Websites, Newly formed Government Offices, Websites for the telangana Government Offices, New High Court and Newly written Names for the Buildings etc. at : Telangana State Website .

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