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Sony HMZ-T3W Head Mounted Display Features, Demo in Germany

Subject : Sony HMZ-T3W Head Mounted Display Launch in India.

Sony HMZ-T3W Head Mounted Display :
The Snoy Has finally upgraded it's major device HMZ-T1 and HMZ-T2 that supports the WirelessHD standard for practically zero lag wireless video, making it an ideal virtual reality gaming headset as well as for an immersive movie experience. As well as a PlayStation, the HMZ-T3W Head Mounted Display can connect wirelessly to a desktop, notebook, tablet or smartphone and is expected to hit the shelves in its native Japan next month and in select markets further afield this November. and this sony latest gadget will e set to launch the demonstrating in Germany. Sony Sony HMZ-T3W Head Mounted Display price in India.

Sony HMZ-T3W Head Mounted Display

Features :
This Sony Latest Gadget has twin 1,280x720 OLED panels produce 3D images at 24p, which give the impression of watching a 750in screen from 20m away and complete with 360° surround sound in the lounge. The visor-like design means you can look down easily if you want to play games, so you don't have to worry about not being able to see a keyboard and mouse or game controller.  7.1 channel surround sound is delivered through the bundled 16mm driver in-ear headphones, or you can attach your own superior in-ears.

Three HDMI inputs let you connect multiple wired devices, and MHL support lets you use your smartphone for big screen viewing. The bundled battery unit lets you watch up to three hours of wireless video, or seven hours when connected over HDMI.

The gadget is surprisingly lightweight and can stream 3D images (it has an angled screen over each eye for creating proactive three-dimensional imagery) wirelessly for three hours or for seven hours when connected to another device. It can be say as a PlayStation, a computer or a Blu-Ray player, via HDMI cable. The headset positions the screens, a wearer can still glance down and see his or her hands or what's directly beneath the nose, ideal for PC or console gaming or even tweeting, if that's your thing.

Sony will be demonstrating the headset at the IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin (Germany) from Friday, September 6th, 2013.

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