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Tokyo 2020 to host Olympics, Paraolmypics Logo, Images download

Subject :  Japan's Capital city to host 2020 Olympics.

Tokyo is to host 2020 olympics, In history the Japan's Capital city hosted in the year of 1964 for the first time in olympics. where as it also hosted the major tournments like Winter Olmpics in Sapora in 1972, and Nagano in 1998. Now it's second time for Japan's capital for hosting 2020 Olympics as well as 2022 paraolympics.  The Tokyo 2020 Logo, images and tokyo 2020 official website or web portal and  official tweet.  The 2016 Summer Olympics will be in Brazil. The Winter Olympics will be held in Russia in 2014 and South Korea in 2018.

Estimation cost : 54 Thousand Crores.
Venues : 36 (Present 15, New 11, Temporary : 10)
Main Stadium : In which the 1964 olympics held.
Transport : Already a good transport in World, no need to construct.
Accomdation : 1,40,000 Hotel rooms around 50 KM, and 9,500 other hotel rooms.
Security : 50,000 ( In which 14,000 are Private Security).

Tokyo led after a first round of voting Saturday but fell short of a majority, with 42. Istanbul and Madrid tied for second on 26 votes each, and a 49-45 tiebreaker vote put the Turkish city in the final runoff with Tokyo. Tokyo won the deciding vote, 60 to Istanbul's 36, according to an IOC tweet.

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